Modular Structure

All of authentication systems were planned and applied on a modular structure on the TRCWifizone. Thus, you can add and change, as you desire, the authentication methods for your users via control panel.

Advanced Filtering

You can world class filtrate your users who log in your network as per category, site, word or file format; and reach to these records from any environments.

BTK onaylı 5651 Loglama

It logs your internet usage pursuant to standards by also BTK; and diğitally signs the created logs. Click here for the list of approval.

Can be managed from anywhere
thanks to the web interface it depends on you everytime.

It comes together with the control panel that allows you to arrange all of configurations related to TRCWifizone system.


Accessing to the web by your users can be filtered easily depending on the category, site, address, file type and extension.

Real-time Data

TRCWifizone gives uninterrupted information about DHCP, user who logged in, network and device status thanks to real-time system statistics.

Crossbrowser & Responsive

TRCWifizone application supports almost all of mobile and desktop browsers; and can form the interface according to the size of the device. Thus, the support requirement of the user is reduced to minimum.


User Management

When users connected to the internet

Speed Definitions

can be limited as download and upload,

Data Usages

can be limited as download and upload in day, week, month and total time period; and also as data in total,

Operation times

the usages can be limited daily, weekly, monthly in total from the first logging in; and between two dates in total by applying date range; at certain hour intervals in certain days of the week,


a lot of limits such as the users will be able to use the internet on how many devices with the account; and how long their time periods of the account will stay open can be applied.

With Modular Logging in Screens
the verification form of your network is at your fingertips.

TRCWifizone is available together with a lot of authentication methods.

Static Module

No user information is requested from the user. The user is allowed to use internet upon clicking on login button on the welcome page.

Standard Module

The users can login at the users welcome screen created by hand at control interface by the administrator by using user name and password already given them.

SMS Module

It is the module where the users register with a registration form; and can login with the user name and password already sent to them.

AD/LDAP Module (Optional)

It is the module which provides the fact that the users can login by being integrated to the user details registered in AD/LDAP structure of the organization.

VIP Module

It is the module which is defined by the administrator, and allows internet usage without requiring any welcome screen.

Interactive SMS Module (Optional)

It is the structure where the user can use internet by sending the random code already given to a certain GSM number on the welcome screen.

XML Module (Optional)

It is the module providing authentication of the user via a demanded XML Web Service.

Oauth2 Module (Optional)

It is the module the fact that the used is authenticated as integration with the systems using Oauth 2.0 authentication standard (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc.).

PMS Module (Special Project Designing)

It is the module where TRCWifizone authenticates the user details as integrated with the registration system of the organization, and demands from the user the information which the organization uses in order to make authentication (surname/room number, R.T. ID No, etc.). TrcPMS service is usually used in hotels; this module was integrated with applications of a lot of hotels (Fidelio, Sedna, Odeon, Sentez, Elektra, Asyasoft, Atoz, etc.).

Special Projects (Special Project Designing)

The registration and authentication processes you required in your project are developed and integrated into the system; and also the user authentication is provided. (Loyalty Card, door integration, etc.)

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